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There are Clean Showers and Toilets at The Venue That Are Inspected And Cleaned 4 Times a day So Please Take Care in Helping Us Keep These Facilities Clean For Everyones Enjoyment' There’ll be plenty of water points surrounding the campsites but make sure you bring a container to fill up (and a bar of soap is also useful)! There’s also mineral water at the bar.

Electric Hook up

Electric hook up is available at extra cost.

Click here to find out more info on our ticket page

Food stalls

Growing on last year there will be a variety of food stalls catering for all tastes (including vegetarians and vegans). They’ll be open from the crack of dawn right through to the early hours of the morning.


The Bars will again be offering a great selection – ranging from exotic cocktails to good old fashioned ciders and ales – at great prices.

Showers and Loos

We have 6 clean Toilet blocks on site and Portaloos scatted around the Camping areas, We also have clean Shower blocks

You can expect clean toilets and showers at all times


As you may know, we take pride in keeping our event clean and tidy ' so please use the bin bags provided to keep your camping area clean, there will be regular refuge collection throughout the weekend , If you find you need more bin bags please ask a marshall or the front Gate … Thank you for helping us stay tidy.

Cash Points

There is cash points 2 miles down the road from the event ' so we recommend you bring cash with you, most banks just love to give it away!


For those who want to take a bit of our Event home, merchandise can be bought at the festival.  As well as a range of t-shirts and hoodies, programmes and mini-programmes with little opener lanyards will be available! The booklets will give an in-depth insight into the acts and information about the festival, whilst the mini programmes will keep things a little more compact giving you key info and playlists.




Q. My tickets haven’t arrived, what shall I do?

A. For all ticket queries please contact us Here


Q. I’ve lost my tickets / wristbands can I get replacements?

A. Sorry no

Q. Can i purchase weekend tickets on the gate Friday and Saturday?

A. Yes weekend tickets are available on the gate

Q. Can I get a refund if I can’t make it?

A. Sorry tickets are non-refundable.

What if bad weather is forecast?

If bad weather is forecast then please pack accordingly. The team work hard to put together the show and a bit of rain (or wind) wont stop us!! We will be updating Facebook and Twitter during the show so please check these sites for information.

Q. Can i bring Alcohol on site?

A. Yes You are allowed to bring your own Alcohol on site, And you are allowed to drink it in most areas of the event, But Due to licencing laws you can not take it with you into The Exhibition hall or The Drum and Base Marquee, There will be Bars in both areas with affordable priced Alcohol on sale.

Q. Do I have to wear my wristband? 

A. Yes this shows you have paid to attend. If you are seen not wearing a wristband you will be challenged. You can wear your wristband on your ankle if you prefer.

Q. What do I do if my wristband breaks or I have put in on too tight or too loose?

A. You can take your wristband to Event Control to swap for a new wristband. (Please do this immediately)


Q. Do you sell day tickets?
A.Yes for Saturday and Sunday Only 


A. Can I bring a Bbq?
A. Purpose built barbeques, which are raised from the ground, are permitted, although please take care when cooking around tents.


Q. Do I have to pay for parking? If so, how much does this cost?
A. Parking is free in the day parking area


Q. Do I have to buy a ticket for an under 14 year old?
A. No tickets needed for under 14s.


A. I am 15 years old, will I be allowed entry into the festival without an over 18 year old?
Q. If you are under 16 then you will not be allowed entry into the festival without a responsible adult (21+). The safety of minors is extremely important to us, so these conditions are fully enforced. Please remember to bring identification to the festival if you appear under 16 and are coming to the festival without an over 21 year old, otherwise you will be denied entry to the event.  Acceptable forms of identification for 16 year olds are passports and Citizenship cards.

What is the maximum number of minors that I am allowed to supervise as a responsible adult?
A 18+ adult can supervise up to 4 minors at the festival.


Q. I don’t want to bring my passport or drivers license to the festival, what other forms of ID do you accept?
A. We also accept Citizen cards, which can be purchased here.  A great investment if you are concerned about bringing valuables with you to the festival site.


Q. Can I enter and exit the festival site throughout the weekend?
A. Yes, you’re more than welcome to leave and re-enter the festival site, providing you keep your wristband on and display your parking ticket (if you are driving).


Q. What time does the music start on Friday?
A. The music starts at 12:00pm on Friday, there will be announcements over the PA throughout the weekend

Q, What if the dates or venue change ?

A. The organisers reserve the right to change dates or venue at anytime including cancelation

no refunds will be given what so ever

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